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NEW YORK, NY (June 15, 2018)--Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) today celebrated the announcement by the New York City Council of a historic funding initiative directed specifically toward services for the transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) community.

The funding request from the TGNC Equity Coalition of New York was answered with a $1.8 million award from the City Council. This initiative is the first of its kind, and it's vital at a time when members of the TGNC community are being targeted and dismissed by the Federal Administration.
"It feels incredibly rewarding to see the City of New York not only invest in our community, but do so at such a large and comprehensive scale," said Cecilia Gentili, Managing Director of Policy at GMHC.
As member organizations of the Equity Coalition, GMHC, along with Destination Tomorrow, Translatina Network, Transgender Legal Defense Education Fund, Staten Island Pride, and the Ackerman Institute, are the recipients of this generous award from the City Council. The funding will enhance their work providing essential services in areas like housing, education, employment, immigration and legal services, and healthcare.
Tabytha Gonzalez, a staff member at the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF), said the City Council award will help TLDEF grow their existing services. "We're excited to expand our community-based training and survey the transgender community to identify and provide additional legal services with our robust pro-bono partnership networks," she said.
This initiative is a much-needed complement to First Lady Chirlane McCray's NYC Unity Project, which focuses on LGBTQ youth including TGNC folks. This funding will be instrumental in closing the gap in services for TGNC individuals older than 24.
"We are proud to emerge as a leader in shaping the landscape of trans-specific services, just as we did nearly four decades ago during the start of the AIDS epidemic." said GMHC CEO Kelsey Louie. "The new funding will help us enhance our trans-specific offerings, and it also underscores the importance of focusing specifically on the TGNC community when it comes to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment."
"We want to thank the City Council for their groundbreaking decision to stand beside the trans community in these uncertain and often frightening times," Gentili said. "Not only has the City Council committed to intentionality policies, but Members have demonstrated a willingness to provide tangible financial investment. This action embodies the City of New York's spirit of inclusiveness and solidarity."



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